Thursday, December 3, 2015


I pray and I pray, to no avail!
I pray to end this pointlessness:
These shootings and killings;
Hopeless hooded gangbangers;
Religious but Godless terrorists;
Cold and hardened policemen.
No, no avail at all...

Is God dead? Killed by an AK47?
Is there no longer a critical mass -
Are there too few Godly people?
Is God too poor to buy politicians?
Does liberty mean we kill who we want?
Have we sold our humanity for idols?
Have we sold our souls too cheap?

Why do I bother? Why do I pray?
For peace? For understanding?
For God to act as once He did?
Why do I even bother to pray?
Because I am still Job in mid-story?
Because it is easier than acting?
Because I'm still searching for,
The better prayer to pray?

I hate those,
Who hate -
And so I hate,
Myself most!
I sharpen the,
Blade of my hate,
But only cut,
Myself. And still,
I wave my knife.

My sweet Abba:
Show me the path,
To love the hater.
Show me the path,
To find lost hope.
Show me the path:
To peace on Earth;
To true goodwill -
Goodwill towards all;
To Your Kingdom.
My feet are bruised,
And bloody sore,
From stumbling,
In the dark night -
Show me the Path!
Show me!

~ Tiwago


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Brilliant and moving poem, Tim. Let's keep on praying!

Mary Harwell Sayler said...

Prayer can change everything - even in that "dark night of the soul." Thanks, Tim. I'll highlight your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog

Roni said...

Thank you so much, Tim, for putting into words a prayer so many of us feel, but cannot articulate.