Friday, January 22, 2016


Ruach-filled, a Rabbi with soulful eyes,
Returned to the farmlands of his youth;
Word of the Word spread, fast and wide.

He entered into all of their Synagogues,
In a different one on each Sabbath day,
Until at long last he reached his home -
Sitting as a grown-up with the old men,
Standing as an Elder before them all,
Reading Scripture as a Learned-One:

"The most Holy Ghost fills me full up -
Appointing me, and yes, anointing me:
To share Good-Tidings with the Poor;
To announce freedom for the Slaves;
To give vision to the hopelessly blind;
To lift up legions of the beaten-down;
To proclaim the Jubilee of Lord God!"

One hand released the dry old scroll,
And they watched it roll itself back up,
Calmly he gave it to the Scroll-Keeper,
Down he sat again in the thick silence,
Every sharp eye was locked upon him;
So the Teacher began to teach them:

"Today the Word spoke among you..."

                                               ~ Tiwago


(from Luke 4)

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