Friday, February 26, 2016


This I did hear my Lord God say:

"All who thirst, come to the Water;
All who are poor, come to the Feast -
Priceless wine and glorious milk,
My gifts of Grace for my children.

Why do you spend all of your money,
On pop, chips, cigarettes, and heroin?
Why do you labor to make others rich?
Listen close to your loving Mother:
'Eat your vegetables! Eat up, I made plenty!'

Listen to me. Come to me. Enjoy!
Listen to me. It is time to start living.
Come to me. I will love you like David.
You too will be my voice and my face.

You shall call out to the world in your wealth,
And the people will come for water and food.
For I your Father have made you a beacon.

Call on me before it is too late - I AM here!
Let the wicked follow their own hormones.
Let all the fools follow their own wisdom.
Let them come to me on their own terms.
Let them come to me for water and food.
Let them come to me for grace and mercy.

For your judgments are not my judgments.
My understanding is not your understanding.
As the cosmos lies beyond your atmosphere,
So my ways lie beyond your comprehension."

This did I hear my Lord God say.

~ Tiwago (from Isaiah 55)

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