Friday, February 19, 2016


The Lord is my nightlight.
The Lord is my sanctuary!
So what do I have to fear?

The Lord is my inner Keep -
So why then am I still afraid?

When Zombie mobs surround me,
Corporate Vampires, and Politicians,
They will fall over the Stumbling-Block!

Though a hoard of Orcs camp before me -
I shall stand tall and resolute before them!
Though the Dark One brings war upon me -
I stand with the Lord's hand on my shoulder!

I do not pray for triumph or survival -
I ask for a simple bed in His shelter:
To gaze upon His face each morning;
To ask Him all my endless questions.

He would let me hide when I feel weak,
As I pull the blankets up over my head.

But then He will raise me to a high place,
Where I can see the enemy down below;
Where I'll enter His tent and sing to Him.

Have mercy my Lord on my weaknesses;
My soul needs now the grace of Your face.
Let me always stay here, safe beside You.
Forgive me when I make You mad or sad.

Do not forsake me O my Heart's Blood;
Though my friends and family may have.
Lift me up, and show me the right Way.

Remove the obstacles that confuse me.
Do not let the forces of evil overcome me.
Rulers are arising by telling the people lies;
I smell death and decay on their breaths.

I believe that I will see the Good Kingdom,
Here in the hearts of good women and men!

In His good time...
Wait for His time;
Remain strong;
Take courage.

Wait for His time.

~ Tiwago

1 comment:

Carol Castagna said...

Lovely poem, Tim. I especially like the hope revealed in the last 7 lines. God bless you. Carol