Friday, March 4, 2016


Chapter the Fifth

For the rest of all time,
We will no longer blindly,
See the mere humanness;
Seeing with mere human eyes.
We will see the Godliness.
We will see with Godly eyes.

We are new Creations -
We must see the Shine,
And forget all the grime;
We are prodigal wanderers,
Who've been welcomed home.

We have been reconciled,
To our loving Father through,
The reconciling ministry,
Of His Reconciling Son;
Who gave us the ministry of,
Reconciliation and re-creation.

The World has been reconciled,
By the Reconciling One once for all;
Not by pointing out our humanness,
But by trusting us to be reconcilers.
We are all Ambassadors of Salvation!
We speak for the Savior of Creation!
We plead for the Son of the Creator,
That all come Home and be welcomed!
For the sake of the Sinless Son of Man,
Father, Mother, God, incarnated as Sin,
So that the Children could go Home again.

~ Tiwago

(2 Corinthians 5:16-21 through the filter of Luke 15)

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