Friday, April 15, 2016


In Joppa (the one in Israel, not the one in Missouri where some of my family lives), there was a community of Disciples living together. Graceful Tabitha (who many called Dorcas the Gazelle) was well known in the region for her good deeds. After a sudden illness, she died. The other female Disciples lovingly bathed her body, and laid her out in the coolest room of the house before sending for an Apostle.

As soon as Peter arrived, he was led upstairs to the vigil. He met there a large group of the village's widows who were there for the wake. They insisted that he look at their clothes; clothes which Tabitha had made for them because they had no source of income. He sent everyone out, and knelt beside the bed to pray. When it was time, he said "time to get up Tabby; there is work to do!"

She opened her eyes at the call to service. They were large, dark, deep, inviting eyes like those of a doe at peace nursing her calf. She took his offered hands and arose; his large hands so hard and callused from fishing, and her small hands tough from sewing. All of Joppa soon knew what had happened.

The community of Disciples grew.

Tiwago (Acts 9)

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