Friday, April 1, 2016


Thomas the Twin had skipped the group pity-party...

The Disciples excitedly spoke over each other as they told him about the return of the Master, and how they all saw his wounds! They were prone to punking each other, but the timing was seriously bad - weren't they in mourning like he was? Thomas did not believe his friends - it was too much too hope for. "I'll have to see the scars myself, and stick this finger in the wound even, before I'll believe your tale!"

Seven days later, they all again gathered. This time Thomas came too.

There was Christ, next to Thomas. "Tommy, take my hand, look at them, feel the wetness of the holes?" Thomas' grimy finger shook as he reached out. "Now take your hand, and stick it in the gaping wound where their spear violated my side. Do you feel my guts and bones? Put aside your doubt my friend."

Thomas' hands slid down the Messiah's side and leg, as he fell down to kneel: "My Lord! My God!"

Laughter rode the timber of Jesus' voice: "So, you believe your brothers now that you have been made 'impure' by washing your hands in my blood? Go out and preach; remember, blessed shall be those who have not seen what you've seen and yet believe!"

(from John 20)

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