Friday, April 29, 2016


Both Lamb and Shepherd,
He stopped at the old Gate,
Through which the Sheep,
Were driven to the Market,
Were herded to the Temple.
He stopped at the Pond,
That was next to the Gate.

Within and all round the pond by the Sheep-Gate,
Beside the pond where the sheep were watered,
     Were the Broken-Ones,
          Were the Impure-Ones,
               Were the Sick-Ones,
Seeking cures from the water the sheep drank -
His Flock sought healing there beside still waters.

          Thirty-eight damned years!
          For thirty-eight damn years,
          One man was too broken to,
          Enter the Sheep-Gate Pond!
          Thirty-eight damning years,
          No one led him to the water;
          Ignored, avoided, and invisible,
          To the Good-and-Righteous.
          Thirty-eight damnable years!

Son of Joseph and of Mary,
Son of God and Son of Man,
Saw the unseen/undead man:
"Why are you just lying there?
Don't you want to be whole?"

"Master, it is too hard for me.
I can not do this on my own."

"Come and walk with me."
And he did as he was told.

Beside the Sheep-Gate Pond,
On the still and quiet Sabbath,
They broke the Law together -
Together they made the Law,
Whole. Who sinned the most?

From John 5; words and image by Tiwago(c)2016

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