Friday, April 22, 2016


Word came to the Believers,
That Unbelievers believed!
The Saints called for Peter,
So as to criticize his ministry:

"Why did you go those people?
Why'd you join them at table?
Why did you defile yourself so?
You are now too polluted,
To worship in the Temple,
To worship our God of Purity!"

So Peter took them through,
His revelation,
His interpretation,
His implementation -
Holy step by sacred step:

"I was deep in meditation.
I was communing with my Lord,
When I had a True-Seeing -

Down from God's table in heaven,
Came a pure white tablecloth.
A feast was set before me:
Smoked ham;
Boiled shrimp;
Then, He told me to eat!

I decided it was a Test;
After all, is not Religion,
A testing by temptation?

'God, I'm going to vomit!
I would never eat such,
Gross, disgusting things!'

And He said to me:
'That which I've made,
Can never be gross,
Can't be disgusting  -




Three times I was offered food.
Three times I rejected my Lord.
Three times I pretended to be Holy.
The untouched food was removed,
And the Lord's table was red up.




Three people knocking. Why?
The Spirit sent me down to them.
The Spirit told me to treat them,
Like people - just like THE People.
Six friends and I went with them,
And we followed after then into,
An impure house of an Unbeliever.

The Unbeliever spoke to us.
An Angel had come to him,
And told him to send for me,
For I had a Word for him to hear;
A Word for the whole house -
A Word that brings salvation.

So I told all who were gathered,
The things I had experienced.
As they listened my story,
Flames rested upon them -
The Spirit entered them!
Just as it had upon us,
In that locked upper room.

Then these words came to me:
'John baptized with water.
You'll be baptized with fire.'"

If, God gifted them with the same Spirit,
That He gifted us with when we believed,
Who was I to stand in the way of the Way!"

The Saints took this in.
The Believers believed,
In a different manner,
And praised His grace. 

Tiwago (from Acts 11)

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