Wednesday, May 25, 2016


King Ahab the Vile called a gathering of his Wizards. They assembled on Mount Carmel, surrounded by the people who came to see the spectacle. Through the crowd moved Elijah the Prophet.
"How much longer will you stagger back and forth between two Ways? You must chose - follow God or follow Mammon!" But the people just looked down and pretended they did not hear the Prophet of God. The time for talking was past.

So Elijah threw down his challenge. "I stand here alone, the last surviving prophet.There are 450 of Ahab's most powerful Wizards here, priests of Mammon-Baal. Let us set up two crucibles and fill them with gold. I and they will prepare fires, but will not light them. I will call on my God, and they will call on theirs - the real Lord will light the fire." The people, wanting a show, cheered for this idea. Ahab felt the public pressure, and listened to his confident Advisors. The stage was set as Elijah had proposed.

Elijah bowed to the Wizards, and said: "After you". From morning to mid of day they called upon their god. They danced around and around their crucible until they could barely limp along. When the sun reached its zenith, Elijah jeered them on: "Come on! Cry louder. Surely he is a god? Maybe he is busy elsewhere? Maybe he is napping? Wake him up!"

This whipped them up into a mad frenzy. They shouted until they were hoarse. They slashed themselves until their naked bodies were slick with blood and sweat. They raved to no avail. They collapsed and glared at Elijah.

Quietly he spoke to the crowd: "Come closer."

They watched as he made an altar around the crucible, one large stone for each of the tribes. He directed his audience to fill four massive jars of water and pour them over the gold and the wood. Then again. And then yet again, until the wood was waterlogged and the ground was mud. Casually he said: "Lord of my Fathers, let all know today that you are the Lord of the Tribes - the One God. Let them see that your servant has done Your will. Let them see You and return to You."

The fire burned with a glory so great that even the standing water ignited. The gold flowed into the sand like spilled wine.

The people honored God.

(1 Kings 18 as imagined by Tiwago)

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