Friday, May 27, 2016


The Centurion's legionnaire buzz-cut was graying around his temples as he sat in misery. Lines of worry formed on his brow, and tears in his eyes were threatening to fall. In his arms, his slave was dying - a boy whom he cared for very much. This officer of the Army of Occupation was afraid and desperate. When he heard that a Healer known for miraculous cures named Jesus had just arrived there in Capernaum he asked some of the community leaders to be his advocates.

The small group of businessmen and residents stood before Jesus. "This Centurion is not like the others. He is a just and good man. Even though he is a gentile, he loves and protects our people. He even built our community's house of worship!" Jesus was moved by the passion with which they spoke on behalf of this soldier, and so he went to the Centurion's house with them.

The Centurion saw them coming, and did not want to defile Jesus by forcing him to come into an unclean house, so he sent some trusted friends to the approaching group to deliver a message: "Master, our friend says that you need not pollute yourself by coming inside. 'I am not worthy of such a sacrifice, so neither do I presume to approach you. Please speak, And I know my young man will be healed, for I am a man of military training and understand authority. If I tell one of my soldiers to go, they go. And if I tell a slave to do, they do.'"

Jesus was amazed. This man was everything they said and more. He turned to those around him, and said: "Nowhere have I seen faith this great!" And then he turned and left, leaving all there wondering.

When the delegations of neighbors and friends returned to the Centurion's home, they found the young man fully well.

(Luke 7 reimagined by Tiwago)

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