Friday, June 3, 2016


After the rains had returned to the land,
After the desert flowers again bloomed,
And after the days of hunger had passed,
The widow's only son, her only hope,

She said to her boarder Elijah:
"Why did your God fail us now?
What sin is he punishing me for?
Why did he take away my baby?"

He took the small body,
The still cooling corpse,
Away from her breast,
Out of her numb arms,
Upstairs to his room,
And there? He raged!

"Yahweh, Almighty God - why?
You sent me to this poor woman.
She had nothing but her son!
She cared for me, even though
I was a burden, and a pain!
How do you reward her?
You steal her only child?
I've failed! You've failed!"

He spread himself three times,
Over the cold stiff cadaver.
He yelled at God three times:
"You are my only Lord and God!
You DO NOT fail your people!
Give him back his life! I beg you."

And life returned.

(Taken from 1 Kings 17 by Tiwago)

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