Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I waited, but
You did not
Come to me.
I waited, but
You did not
Look for me!
Here I am.
Here I AM!
I told you my name -
You did not call me.

I hold out my hand to you,
But you each walk alone:
You make maps to follow;
You try to make me hate;
You worship yourselves;
You worship your things,
And the things of others;
You sit in your churches,
Then dark places at night;
You defile yourselves;
You keep me away;
You avoid my children -
You're too "holy" for them?
The smoke of your sins
Fills my nose with stench!

It has ever been so.
I will not be silenced.
I prepare hot coals -
I will drop them in your laps:
Burning embers of your evil;
Remnants of ancestral evil.
You worship your artifacts,
And you follow your comfort.

Wine is hidden in the grape -
My servants intervene for you:
"Do not destroy your vineyard.
There're blessings held within!"
For the sake of my beloved,
I will not rip out the vines.

I will lift you up.
My kingdom comes! 
Your kingdom comes!
You will come home.

(From Isaiah 65 by Tiwago)

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