Wednesday, June 1, 2016


And God told him:
"Go to Lebanon.
There's a widow,
Who'll feed you."

Elijah entered the Village;
To the first woman he saw:
"Woman! Get me water!
Woman! Bake me bread!"

Widows were stray dogs...
"By the life of God,
I've nothing for you!
Just a smidge of flour.
Just a smear of oil."

Widows were stray dogs...
"I'm gathering sticks,
To bake for my son,
So we may eat once,
And then die together."

Elijah thought of his mother,
He remembered all her love,
And quit being such an ass:
"Make us two small loaves,
For yourselves, and for me.
The Lord God has told me,
That the flour will not fail us,
That the oil will not fail us."

Elijah remembered his mother,
And became kind and gentle:
"Our Lord will not fail us -
The rains will come again."

And the flour didn't fail them.
And the oil didn't fail them.
And the Lord didn't fail them.
And the rains came again.

(Taken from 1 Kings 17 by Tiwago)

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