Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A faceless voice, in
A faceless crowd
Asked the Teacher
To make a brother
Share wealth with him -
Another prodigal son.

But the Teacher called
Him "Friend", and said:
"I'm not a small-claims judge!
Be ever vigilant my new friend
Of just such needs and greeds;
Your Life is not composed of
Hoarded stuff and shiny things.

Then the Teacher
Told a story about
A man of wealth
Who grew richer,
Whose giant home
Grew too small to
Showcase all of
His many things.
So he bought a
Newer mansion,
A bigger palace,
So he could buy
More cool stuff.

And he leaned back,
And put his feet up,
And said to himself:
"We so have it made!
Let us enjoy our leisure.
Let us enjoy fancy foods.
Let us drink fine wines.
Let us party all night, and
Let us sleep all the day."

He told himself so loudly
That he was happy, that
He couldn't hear God say:
"You shortsighted fool,
Tonight you shall die!
What is your mansion
Compared to mine?"

Those who store up
Treasures and loot
For themselves alone
Are poor.

~ Tiwago (from Luke 12)

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