Saturday, July 16, 2016

You Showed Me Fruit

God showed me a bowl of fruit, and
I knew the harvest was approaching.
The sacred hymns of all the churches
Shall be but loud wails of mourning.
Bodies shall litter the streets and fields,
Like used condoms and fast-food bags...

Hear this you who need the needy,
Listen up you who abuse the Earth,
Who decrease sizes and raise prices,
Who practice unethical commerce,
Who profit by the poverty of others,
Who treat the poor as expendables,
Who consume and use the powerless,
Who deal in brokenness and despair:
The Lord was once so proud of you,
But the time of forgiveness is passing.

The land shall rise and smoke and shake.
The sun shall darken and become cold.
Your parties shall be funerals, while
Your songs will become slow dirges.
Your clothes shall rot from your bodies,
And your hair shall fall from your heads.
You'll feel as though your only child died.

Famine's coming for the rich.
Not from the lack of bread, but
From the lack of Living Bread.

Thirst's coming for the mighty.
Not from the lack of water, but
From the lack of Living Water.

And it shall hence come about,
That they'll run here and there,
Searching in the four corners,
Seeking for the Living Word -
Finding only................ words.

~ Tiwago (from Amos)

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