Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hear the word of the Lord.
Hear the Word made flesh.
Hear me you churches.
Hear me My Church.
Hear your God:

"What happened between us?
Was it something I once did?
Why did your mother leave me?
Why did your father chase things of little value?
Why do you turn yourselves into worthless things?

Am I not the same One who brought you through?
Didn't I lead you to green pastures and calm waters?
Why do you pollute, defile, and destroy my gifts?
Why are you leaving only pain and poison for your children?
Why do you turn the Earth into a worthless thing?

If you don't listen to Me, who do you hear?
Do you hear the leaders of your religions?
Do you listen to the rulers of your nations?
Do you follow the pimps of consumerism?
Why listen to things who worship things?

Has there ever been a People chosen for glory,
Who traded away their rights to eternal treasures,
Who threw away their God and their humanity,
To follow behind an artifact - a golden calf, 
For the privilege of sweeping up its manure?

The future will look at these shortsighted people,
The Universe will be shocked by their stupidity,
The Earth will groan and moan under their care,
Heaven will be desolate in mourning for them,
While they will continue to be ever oblivious...

My babies sin mightily against Creation and I.
Thirsting, they excavate holes as great reservoirs,
With cracked walls that briefly detain the flow,
And all the while ignoring My eternal spring,
A living water which gives both life and meaning!"

~ Tiwago (Adapted from Jeremiah)

(photography by tiwago)

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