Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dear Weeping Jeremiah

"We need to talk. Meet me at the pottery studio." God

I saw there a Potter, working at her wheel.
Red clay was rising between her hands, and under her nails.
The water-jar that she was forming started to slump -
It could not support its own weight.
So she reworked it, and gave it new life,
And with an artist's eye, she was pleased.

I heard there the voice of the Lord God.
"Can I not do the same as this woman?
Can I not restore you when you fall?
Can I not repair my people when they fail?
If a nation turns to evil, it will be destroyed; 
If it turns away from evil, I will change my mind.
If a nation turns from evil, I will rebuild it;
If a nation returns to evil, I will change my mind.

My Spirit shall shape your words Jeremiah,
And you shall speak my words to my people:
'Look! devastation is building like storm clouds!
Turn away from your hate and self-righteousness.
Turn away from your greed and self-centeredness.
Turn away from your pride and self-absorption.
Change your ways and change your lifestyles -
Stop murdering my children in deed and in word.'"

Tiwago (taken from Jeremiah 18)

(photography by tiwago)

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