Thursday, August 4, 2016

In the Wilderness of Time

Faith is the unrealistic assurance:
Of living a life of hopefilledness;
Of knowing things unknowable.

By faith our ancestors persevered:
Abiding through pain and suffering;
Moving forward in loss and sorrow;
Failing over and over, again and again;
Losing each battle so as to win the war;
Striving onward day upon day upon day;
Sustained by dreams, grace, and pneuma.

Each held faith in the hope of a promise -
Each died with the promise yet unfulfilled.
Each knew they were aliens on the Earth -
Each walked the long path towards Home.

They lusted not for old days and old ways!
They yearned for change and better days!
Their God is not ashamed of them.
He has prepared a Home for them.

(from Hebrews 11)

~ Tiwago

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