Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Stars of Abram

It is alright my child;
I will protect you -
I will raise you up.

There's nothing you can do for me!
My wife and I are old and childless.
A man who is my property,
Will inherit all my property.
There's nothing you can do for me!

No, he is not your heir my child;
Your own child will be your heir,
Just as you are my child and heir.

Count the parade of stars,
As they march by above -
Can you count them all?

Your heirs shall be as stars.
Your heirs will be beyond count.
Your heirs shall illuminate the night.

And Abram did believe,
And the Father saw it,
And said: "It is good".

(from Genesis 15)

~ Tiwago

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