Thursday, October 13, 2016

Be the Gnat!

Gather around as the Rabbi tells us a story:

"In a city like this one, there once was a Judge who neither obeyed God nor respected people. And in that city, there was a homeless woman; she had no money, no power, no political pull - no influence. Over and yet some more, she appeared before the judge seeking justice against her oppressor. Yet, the oppressor was a rich white man, a donor to many officials, a mover and a shaker in high-society, a man of great influence and power. Justice never went her way, but always she stood up and spoke out against oppression!

The Judge grew weary of her persistence, and thought: 'I fear no god or man, but this little gnat is so annoying!  The next time, I think I'll just give her the verdict, just to shut her up!' If this were a Greek tragedy, the poor woman would have in the meanwhile given up without ever knowing justice; but, this is not that kind of story!

Do you remember what the unjust justice said? If even he can grant justice, how much more can you expect from a just God? Will God ignore your tears? Will God leave you all alone, helpless and hopeless? Of course not! In mercy and grace, he will grant justice at once!

And yet...

When I return, what will I find? Will I find the faith to seek justice? Will I see the will to grant justice?"

(From Luke 18:1-8)

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