Friday, October 28, 2016

Blood On Your Hands

Listen to me! Selfish sovereigns of Sodom, listen to your God. 

Learn from me! Greedy gangsters of Gomorrah, learn from your God.

What do I care about your superstitious sacrifices; your guilt-gelt; your attempted bribes? I've had enough of your surplus! Am I starving that I need your burnt food? Am I poor that I need your blood-money? Who asked you for this useless junk? Get out of my face with your worthless devotions - you stink of blood!

Church on Sunday? Churches that complain about businesses being open on Sundays and Thanksgiving, yet which follow business models? I'm tired of your self-righteous worship!

So called "holidays"? You wear me out me with your "War on Christmas" lies; your Thanksgiving to the Flag; your Easter displays of excess!

You stretch out your hands to me, but all I see is the blood of the weak on them - the flesh of your sisters and brothers under your nails. You pray many mighty prayers, loud and wordy, but I will not listen to you until you've cleaned up. Remove the evil within you. Remove the evil in the Church. Remove the evil from society. Cease to be evil by ceasing to do evil. Cease to be evil by doing good.

Seek justice for my children!

Rescue your oppressed brothers and sisters!

Defend the defenseless!

Intervene for the powerless!

Feel free to argue with me about this - I prefer it over being ignored. Yes, your hands are stained crimson, but I can wash them clean as the wool of the Lamb!

Happy are the Bad-Made-Good.
Happy are the sinful salty Saints.
Happy are those without blame.
Happy are the pure and the open.

In unconfessed silence, I groaned,
Until I confessed in soft whispers;
Exposing myself, my many faults,
No longer hiding behind my pride.
Happy am I that I AM forgave me!

(Taken from Isaiah 1 and Psalm 32)

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