Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Habakkuk For Humanity

Haby: Lord! How much longer are you going to ignore my cries for help? I scream about the pain and violence in the world, and you do nothing! Why did you have to make me able to see evil, but unable to look away? There is violence in the streets: death; chaos; hatred; fear; isolation. There is pollution, consumption, prejudice, corruption, abuse, rape, and much more all around me, all over the news, overwhelming me. The police and the legal system are failing us; justice for the poor and powerless no longer prevails. The rich and powerful few entrap us, and the vocal self-righteous minority demean the righteous majority. Justice is a perverted!

Never-the-less Lord, I will remain on station and keep watch, waiting for your attention - waiting for you to answer me!

God: Give them a vision to hold onto, one easy to understand and embrace. There is a plan, and it progresses accordingly. An end comes for these horrors! If it seems to be taking too long, wait for it; abide for it, hope for it, live for it - for it is unstoppable. Look at the proud politicians and the selfish billionaires, at those who take advantage of you, there is something wrong in them! Faith will sustain their victims.

You are all right, Lord!
You judge rightly, Lord!
Your laws are righteous!
Rightness consumes me,
But my foes are lawless.

Your promise is a rock -
Your servant depends on it.
I am weak and despised,
Yet I remember your Truths.
Your righteousness is,
A forever righteousness.

Hateful times have come,
But I delight in your Word.
You tell me right things,
And help me understand.

Taken from Habakkuk Chapters 1 and 2, and Psalm 119.

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