Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent Meditation Upon a Stump

The nation is but a stump of what it once was. Nothing much good comes from a fresh-cut stump; maybe a sucker or two - frail scraggly imitations of former glory. Shall the sucker succor us? Or maybe fungi, feeding upon the corpse of the past? Humbly working, destroying, breaking down, composting history, rebuilding humus; fecund, fertile soil. We wait and we abide - we walk by and see nothing happening. Then a shoot grows; wind and rain and sun raise it up from the decay. 

He will not use his eyes or ears to judge us.
He will grant justice to the poor and powerless.
He will give a voice to the weak and voiceless.
He shall then take off our self-righteous coats,
And robe us in goodness and in faithfulness.

The predator and the prey shall know peace.
The haves and the have-nots shall know rest.
An innocent child shall love and lead them.
Powerful and powerless shall break bread:
And their children shall play together as equals;
And the strong shall accommodate the weak;
And then the Serpent will become powerless;
And mankind shall once again become kind;
And the Earth and Sea shall no longer fear us.

Rooted in failure and rot, a tree springs forth to give us shade and comfort, to give us nature and nurture, to give us hope and life. 

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