Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Am I a Ten Commandment Christian or a Beatitude Christian?

Why do some worship the Ten, but treat Christ's Beatitudes like liberal propaganda?

God's blessings are on the poor - His Kingdom is for them.

Why do some curse and punish the poor for their poverty?

God's blessings are on the malnourished - His feast is laid out for them.

Why do some gorge on unhealthy food, but deny healthy food to those who can't afford it?

God's blessings are on those who patriots revile, who good Christians exclude, who big business detest, who politicians ignore, who people deride as zealots - rejoice in their abuse, it proves you are on the right path!

Why do some commercialize people and consumerize society?

The rich and powerful should beware - you've had your moment of fame.

Why do some worship celebrity idols?

The safe and comfortable should beware - worldly security is not permanent.

Why do some fear the unknown?

The pretty party people should beware - your hangover is coming.

Why are some so short-sighted?

Those surrounded by sycophants should beware - you will be recognized as false prophets.

Why are some so vain and others so gullible?

Hear me: love back those who act against you; be graceful back to those who hate you; bless back those who curse you; pray on behalf of those who abuse you! If someone seeks to harm you, stand tall and do not harm them back. If anyone tries to take advantage of you, stand up and give them grace and mercy. Give money, time, and love to all those who ask - if they try to steal your money, time, and love, let them have it with your blessing. Do for those who do not ask what you wish someone would have done for you!

(From Luke 6:20-31)

(photography by tiwago)

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The difference between basic Christianity and the misnamed Prosperity Christianity.