Saturday, November 12, 2016

An Unused Prayer

I had prepared a prayer for Charge Conference, just in case it was needed. It was not. But, I am vain enough to share it anyway! 


We gather together in praise and thanksgiving for Your mighty works in the world, in the Church, in this congregation, and in each and every one of us. In confession and repentance we acknowledge that there is still much sanctifying and perfecting work to be done by the Spirit within us, individually and as a Body.

We intercede on behalf of all for a healing reconciliation for our divided planet, for our divided Church, for our divided nation, for our divided congregation, for our divided families, for our fragmented selves.

Root out from us the root of fear. Prune from us the parasitic vines of racism and sexism, and the rotten branches of imperialism and colonialism. We plead to be used as vessels for your love, and that justice flow through us in ever-flowing and overflowing channels. Let us look not to the Empire, but to the Kingdom, so that all may know social justice, environmental justice, economic justice; so that the world may see Christ when they look upon us. Let us be the instruments of Your peace, but also make us shields for the defenseless. Let us be worthy, living sacrifices in a selfish society.

In gratitude and submission we pray in the name of Immanuel. Amen!

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