Sunday, November 27, 2016

Today's Sermon

The Face of God

Moses saw many Faces
Burning bush, burning cloud, burning glory
The people feared the burn
Sent Moses for a face-to-Face
God revealed Himself
Showing Moses His backside
Moses, the Patriarchs, the Prophets
Saw many Faces of God
Love, Mercy, Grace, Care

God became flesh
Was He born-again
Can what was never born
Be reborn
But born he was
Born into family drama
Born in a fearful night
And the people saw the Face
And they saw every face thereof

The blue mucus covered face
Fighting for the first pneuma

The red scrunchy face
Hungry, wet, or teething

The wide-eyed face of fear
Smuggled into Egypt

The acned face of a student
Was he the teacher's pet or thorn

Face covered with sweat and sawdust
The beard of maturity blooming

Face covered with sweat and dust
Eyes squinting in the sun of the road

Face covered in bloody sweat
Communion wine with God

Face covered in sweaty blood
A cruel crown of mankind

The faces of agony, isolation, rigor
The face of darkness entombing
The face of a gardener
The face of a traveling companion
The face of a fellow fisherman

The Face
The Face
The Face

In the beginning
The face of man
The face of woman
Molded in the image of
The Face of God
Look at the Face beside you
Look at the Face in the mirror

The Face
The Face
The Face

~ Tiwago

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