Wednesday, November 16, 2016

When Jesus Rioted

Jesus was a one-man riot! To the law-and-order sort, he: disturbed the peace; committed battery and vandalism; stole money; started a stampede; hurt small-business men; disrupted the financial system; resisted arrest; promoted lawlessness and discord...

Jesus was a one-man riot! He cleaned house! The Temple was the public square. The Temple was the seat of authority. The Temple was the stock-exchange. 

Jesus was a one-man riot! He cleaned house, and then threatened to tear down the walls! Sometimes, we have to destroy before we can create. The walls were Jericho-walls, the Temple a Tower of Babylon, built on the wrong foundation. It was Passover, and the Temple did not receive the Blood of the Lamb.

Jesus was a one-man riot! He cleaned house! He promised to replace the Temple! What had taken a generation to build, he would restore in the amount of time it took Jonah's whale to throw-up. Walls made of stumbling blocks would be replaced by a cornerstone and stepping blocks; rocks replaced by Rock. Massive monumental stones would make way for a hole and rolling stone door - the closed exclusive edifice fell to make way for an open inclusive one. Is my Church, is my society, a wall or a hole in the wall?

Jesus was a one-man riot! 

(painting by Michael Smither)

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