Friday, December 16, 2016

Advent, Cold, and the Fall

An odd Advent in the north this year -
It is Autumn, yet the Fall has fallen
     To Winter... 
(Humanity fell and still falls;
And I wrap myself up in my snowy mantle of fallenness.) 
Short, dark light, and prairie-howl nights,
Winter's wolves prowl and prey all
Around me, visions of mortality abound -
The appearance of death and desiccation.

The Wind wails for the children of Aleppo;
Dear Bana, do you still live, there in the dark?
The Moon mourns with sharp argent tears,
And stabs me in the dark - WHO cries the owl:
Who did I kill this day with my indifference?
Who did I hurt today by withholding kindness?
Who did I ignore in my ongoing self-absorption? 
(Are these questions yet more selfishness?)

I tire of abiding; just "hanging-on"!
The Winter-of-Fallen-Fall brings me down, like
A deer in deep snow; the wolves trail behind.
Yet, I love wolves as well as deer 
     - Life is.
I need to reimagine summer, before Winter 
Swallows me in its maw of frigid despair. 
I need to meditate upon Spring and Summer dreams.
I need a tactile reminder that Winter is but a brief interlude -
     A summoning prelude.
I need to remember that Hope dwells with me.
I need to encompass and embrace Advent time.

~ Tiwago

(photography by tiwago)

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