Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Advent Flowers

"The wasteland shall rejoice and blossom;
like  the crocus it shall bloom abundantly,
and rejoice with joy and singing."

Isaiah 35:1-2

Glory returns?
Majesty returns?
     Glory and majesty!

Strength for your weakness. 
     Stability for your wobbling. 
          Encouragement for your hopelessness.

Be strong?
Fear not?
          See again.
          Hear again.
          Move again.
          Sing again.

Flowing water:
     Quenching water;
     Healing water;
     Nurturing water;
     Growing water -
Living water!

Wondrous Way!
     Perfecting Path!
          Fool's Freeway!
               Highway Home!

Joyous singing;
     No more sighing!
Joyous gladness;
     No more crying!

~ Tiwago

(photography by tiwago)

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