Friday, December 2, 2016

Let There be Hope on Earth

Remember, scripture was written in love to instruct and inform us, to give us strength, encouragement, and hope. May this strengthening, encouraging, source-of-hope God grant that you may live in hope-filled harmony with each other. Together, may your hope, your words, and your deeds glorify They who created you, He who died for you, She who dwells within you.

Remember that Christ came for believers and unbelievers.
Remember that Christ died for both saints and for sinners. 
Remember that Christ is with our nation as with all nations.
Remember that Christ is neither Republican nor Democrat.
Remember that Christ is both a Democrat and a Republican.
Remember, Christ was with us; is with us; is coming to us.

May the God of Hope fill you with His shalom inside, and fill you with true peace between you through the works of the Prince of Peace, and the hope of the Spirit within us and through us. 

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