Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Come Together!

"Come together, right now, over me." (Saints John of Lennon and Paul the McCartney)

It is written in First Corinthians, Chapter One, Verses Ten to Eighteen (aka One Corinthian):

I beg you! My divided brothers and sisters (my fellow Americans, Christians, people of the world...), I beg you in the name the Lord (the Prince of Peace, the Lord of the Dance, the Son of Man / the Son of God, etc.) to come together (be united, one nation, the Bride, we the People, we are the World - us) by having a common vision (mission, focus, purpose, hope, dream, and more).

I've heard from Chloe's friends (disciples, students, followers, congregation, etc.) that there is division / divisiveness among your family / congregation (between sisters and brothers or members or citizens or...) - each claiming a different leader (mentor, teacher, spiritual parent, political party, denomination, or whoever you idolize). I thank God that none of you contentious quarreling children are mine!

I was sent to you by Christ, not to create factions or personal followers, but to give you the greatest news EVER - to God, you are: precious; beloved; unique; and important. Not because of who (how, where, when, why, or what) you follow, but because of who you are! If you followed me (or them) just for our sharing news (that was meant for you to begin with) then you make the cross a cheap and worthless false idol. The message of the cross is precious to fools like us, but foolish to the self-righteous.

"Got to be a Joker, he just do what he please... Come together. Come together. Come together. Come together." (John and Paul)

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