Friday, January 20, 2017

Hail and Farewell to the Chief

Throughout these eight long years
of cancerous hate, and racist venom,
of machiavellian machinations, and
sabotage by partisan obstructionism, 
     you stood before us,
     you stood up for us,
     you stood beside us!

Throughout these eight short years
of thoughtful, responsible governance,
of unselfish, selfless servant-leadership,
of spiritually discerning aforethought,
     you held and lifted us,
     you wiped our tears,
     you were the grownup!

Thank you for being the better man.
Thank you for being a faithful man.
Thank you for your grace and dignity.
Thank you for your respect and care.

I'll miss your smiles and your twinkle.
I'll miss your crooning and bad dad-jokes.
I'll miss your humility and bad mom-jeans.
I'll miss Michelle so very (VERY) much,
as I'll miss our Sasha and miss our Malia,
and everyone's Uncle Joe, the living meme.

Well done good and faithful servant:

~ Tiwago

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