Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Here is the Servant.
Here is the Lifted One.
Here is the Chosen One.
Here is my Soul's Joy -
The Delightful One;
The One with my Spirit;
The One-Who-Makes-Things-Right.

He will not insult you on the internet.
He will not ask for money on television.
Bruised and beaten, he will not break;
Battered and buffeted, he will bend.
His light may be dimmed,
But not blown-out -
He will make things right.

He will not be worn down,
He will not be kept down,
Until things are made right.

From sea to sea, they wait for him to come,
From continent to continent he is needed -
Says the Creator of infinity and the cosmos;
Says the giver of pneuma to all breathing things;
Says the giver of Spirit to all spiritual beings:

I AM Lord - I shaped you in human form.
I have filled you full up with all of my Spirit.
I have given you as a promise to my children.
I have made you to shine as a light for everyone;
To evict the darkness and to open their eyes;
To release the prisoners from their darkness.

That is who I am.
I give my Glory to no one;
My Servant is glorified.
I do not praise false gods;
I praise my Servant.
The past is done and past;
New things I now breathe.
I am telling you now so you may have hope -
My Servant is coming to serve you.

(from Isaiah 42 by Tiwago)

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