Friday, February 3, 2017

Jesus taught his disciples what the Sermon on the Beatitudes meant.

He told them that they were the "salt of the Earth". Many of them were fishermen and used salt to preserve their catch. They knew salt. Salt from the Dead Sea, from distant trade, from local mining. They knew salt was a necessity to animals and to humans - hot desert sun, sweat, dehydration, depletion. Salt and water; Salt and Living Water. But, if salt loses its properties, it is less than worthless. They were salty.

They were light. You can't hide city lights. You don't light a wick and burn fuel only to keep the lantern shuttered. Light is to be seen. Light is to see by. Be the Light that others need. Let them see your goodness in the light of day so they may know God he told them.

He reminded them that he didn't come to eliminate the Law, but to refine it: love God; love others. Whoever ignores this, who ever causes others to ignore this, will be seen as lowly, but those who remember it and do it shall be lifted high.

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