Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Now Is Not The Time For Silence!

Now is not the time to be silent.
Sound the alarm!
Reveal to the people and to their politicians,
Their sins against humanity -
Their sins against their Lord.

On and on they say they know God,
As if their nation was still righteous,
As if they really followed their Father -
They seek wrathful judgment (on others).
They say they are themselves perfect;
Ever so holy, and without any faults?
They ask why they bother being good,
If there's no present benefit for them?
Witness, they serve their own interest!
Testify,  they abuse their employees!

Really! They are only religious so that,
They can then look down upon others,
And fight over which religion is best;
Such vain self-righteous religion,
Won't force God to listen to them!

The holiness he seeks is humility:
To bend, to serve, to suffer beside;
To break the residual chains of slavery;
To release the people from imposed poverty;
To support and to defend the oppressed;
To break the anchor-chains of injustice;
To break bread with the bread-less;
To give homes to the homeless;
To clothe the naked -
To be available.

Then their country will be a beacon on the hill!
Then a national healing and restoration will begin!
Then their good name shall precede them again!
Then God'll have their back.
Then he will hear them again.
Then he will be there for them.
If, they/you/we break the chains of hatred;
If, they/you/we stop pointing dirty fingers;
If, they/you/we stop making fun of each other;
If they/you/we sacrifice comfort for the needy -
Then the nation shall again be a light in a world of darkness;
Then the country shall again live in the Light;
Then the people shall once more be strengthened;
Then the people shall be blessed to be a blessing;
Then their ruined landscapes shall be restored -
When we together build bridges instead of fences.

(poetry and photography by tiwago)

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