Thursday, February 23, 2017

Peter's News

Peter wrote to us: 

I couldn't make this stuff up! I saw the Lord transfigured in all the Glory of God - an eyewitness to his divinity and his majesty. The mantle of the Glory of the Father was bestowed upon the Son with these anointing words: "This is My beloved Son who makes Me glad." We heard the voice ourselves coming from heaven, there upon the mountaintop. 

We carry prophetic news, real verified news. We would do well to listen to this news, this light shining in the dark of the world, waiting for the dawn to come again. But hear me well, no prophesy or scripture is subject to one's singular mental effort for interpretation. No true prophesy was ever uttered that came by invention of the human mind. Prophesy and scripture came from (and is only understood by) men and women as moved by the Spirit of God to speak and to write.

(painting of Pope Peter by Peter Paul Rubens)

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