Friday, March 10, 2017

Spirituality Combat

"We need to develop what the WCC's" (World Council of Churches) "Nairobi assembly (1975) called a spirituality combat - a spirituality that will make us move against destruction in this world rather than silence us to tolerate what we see. Spirituality is not something that can be imported or exported. Surely we can learn from each other. But once Christians in their own context live according to the gospel and take up the challenges before them, their spirituality will emerge. That has been the experience of the peace movement, of the human rights movement and now also the ecological movement." Margot Kassmann

Covenant, Praise and Justice in Creation by Margot Kassmann in Ecotheology: Voices from the South and North, David G. Hallman ed.; 1994, WCC Publications, page 36

(photography by tiwago)

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